David Bowie, Lou Reed And Iggy Pop Keep The Ice Unbroken

Monday, 2 December 2019 15:52

The first time I met Lou was probably 1973 when I met for the first time both Lou Reed and Iggy Pop at Max's Kansas City. It was my second or third trip to the States and we all had a meal and didn't talk to each other for the evening, just sort of sitting, jealously guarded, because if you did say anything, it was bound to be uncool. Rather than mess up you just kept your mouth shut, you know. Lou was terribly wary of Iggy and Iggy was terribly wary of everybody, and he wasn't like the effervescent crazy Iggy, he was the quiet, you know, guarded one – it was a, in fact I remember it being a really lousy evening, because nobody would talk to anybody, we were all outcooling each other. So much attitude.

- David Bowie interviewed on the BBC, 2000